Who is Bandar

Bandar Hawsawi (born 16 January 1992) – known as Beyondray, is a Saudi Arabian Entrepreneur and social media Influencer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After high school, Bandar decided to pursue his higher education in the United States of America. He attended Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis for his Belcher’s Degree in Political Science.

Throughout the years, Bandar accumulated fruitful experiences in multiple industries, some of which were Media, Aviation, Humanitarian, and Military Industries.

In December 2019, Bandar established his first business in Bespoke Tailoring “Beyondray’s" which is luxury clothing brand for suits.

In February 2021, Bandar approached the Media industry from a business aspect and established his second business "Brass". Which is a PR and marketing Agency.

In March 2022, Bandar laid the first brick of extending “Brass” and established its first subsidiary “The Capsule” which is a concept studio & creative art cyclorama space.

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