Fashion Designer Bandar Hawsawi Elevates Bespoke Tailoring with New Brand, Beyondray’s

The supermodel turned into a fashion designer and combines experiences and unique style to provide unparalleled services to clients.

Fashion has been all about celebrating style, and shaping public opinion on the trends for every season has been the esteemed job of fashion designers for centuries. Supermodel turned fashion designer and entrepreneur Bandar Hawsawi understands what the fashion industry demands and offers his unique and authentic style through his luxury bespoke tailoring brand for suits — Beyondray’s.

“Fashion is a way of thinking. It is a matter of playing with mediums and materials to make an expression,” shared Bandar Hawsawi, CEO and founder of Beyondray’s. Ultimately, the goal is to make work that relates to the generation of people in public who are representing themselves and not driven by trend waves and institutions.”

Having been in the industry for more than 11 years, Hawsawi has accumulated experiences as a supermodel with consistent shows in Paris, France, during Paris Fashion Week. Over time, he gained more recognition on the international level, which led him to the commercial world, national TV channels and international radio stations in Europe.

In December 2019, Hawsawi created his own fashion brand, Beyondray’s, because he has always wanted to own a brand that reflects his sense of fashion and use it as a tool to share his passion with the world through clothing.

“To me, attention to detail is key. For instance, before proceeding with designing any piece, we conduct a consultation session with our clients to better understand their needs/occasions and create a well-tailored suit that is specifically for them,” Hawsawi further added.

Beyondray’s goes with the slogan “More than Just a Suit.” Hawsawi and his team abide by these words. To the bespoke suit designer, fashion is a lifestyle. He believes in the importance of first impressions and that people don’t have a second chance to remake that first impression. This mindset is the core foundation behind the brand’s services.

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About Beyondray’s

Beyondray’s is a luxury bespoke tailoring brand for suits owned by supermodel turned fashion designer Bandar Hawsawi.

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