Entrepreneur Bandar Hawsawi: My participation in international fashion shows made a great resonance on some pages of local and international magazines | business world

Practical steps

Bandar Hawsawi established his own commercial registry, submitted a feasibility study, searched for authorized employees, and traveled to more than one country (China, France, Spain, and the United States), to adopt the best materials for the fabrics used, and expanded the idea, making perfumes a share of his own company's productions.

"The beginning was not easy," he says, and explains that he had to enter into many meetings of those who are more experienced, and get acquainted with the Saudi market. He added: "This project, from the idea to its public appearance, required four years of continuous effort, by presenting a feasibility study, selecting raw materials, and continuous meetings with company owners and expertise to familiarize themselves with the Saudi market and its needs, and identifying the target group. Indeed, after all this hard work and to God Alhamdulillah, the product came out in 2019.”

my own project

While working in various fields, Bandar felt that the time had come to establish his own business in fashion and fashion, after he left a distinctive imprint in the United States, about this transition and difference, he said, "Yes, I had business and shows in the United States, by virtue of my presence and study there, except Most of my followers were from Saudi Arabia, through the means of communication, as many Saudi companies were waiting for my return to cooperate in fashion.

He added, "This created a database for me, and therefore the beginning was almost clear, that I own my own business, especially in the journey of searching for a job that fits with my study major in business administration, which laid the foundations of this idea strongly, and I had the opportunity to be one of the first initiators to enter the design In different clothes.

And how it was different to enter the Saudi market, he says, "Through extensive studies of the local market in terms of fashion, it became clear that there are gaps in this field, and they are almost non-existent, so I thought about changing this stereotype gradually, so I started working and thinking about how Takween (a distinct brand) with its idea, its final form and all its details, whose image was completed in 2018, but the product was launched in 2019.”

small studio

Bandar Hawsawi launched from Saudi Arabia, and the beginning was with the launch of the first formation, instead of it called (Elegant Captain Collection), and about the financial support he relied on in establishing the company, he said: “I was a recent graduate, but I had a great passion for establishing my own business, which prompted my father to provide initial financial support. ".

He was not satisfied with the support provided by his father, he says, "Then I joined more than one job and was able to enhance the capital during the four years during which I moved from one job to another. The designs are implemented in it, and we currently have a modest number of employees, photographers and tailors.”

And because the idea was different from the beginning, the implementation was also different, as Bandar Hawsawi did not adopt the idea of the commercial store to display his product or his official suit, but divided the studio into more than one part, where he combined in the same place, the work office that receives the customer, and the exhibition that displays Through his designs, the customer can see the types of fabrics, models, and appropriate accessories.

The hardest task

Bandar Hawsawi's access to a large segment of customers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region was not as easy as expected, especially since the concept of formal dress is completely different from what it offers.

This made the challenges difficult in the entrepreneur’s journey, so how did he face them? And what did he do to overcome it? "Perhaps the most difficult thing was how to convince the customer who does not wear the suits completely, to someone who wears them on a regular basis, it sometimes requires introducing the customer to the culture and history of the formal suits, and the difference between their different types and styles," says Bandar.

Electronic shop

Bandar Hawsawi did not stop there, but launched his online store, which achieved a good follow-up, despite its modernity. He added, "The customer can view all of our products through the online store, which includes a section of shoes, jewelry, perfumes, bags, and the customer can order at any point in the world through it, and the product is delivered within seven days through several companies, we have concluded agreements with them from Most notably, "Aramex".

And about the segment that Hawsawi will target, as he mentioned to “Al-Rijl” magazine: “The direction and belief of the Saudi people have changed recently in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, and some of the occasions that are held inside the Kingdom have become commensurate with the concept of the formal suit, and here I am not talking about Saudi guests from Outside, the suit is an essential thing in their wardrobe only, but also about the Saudi youth, and I think that we have a few who are interested in the standards and shape of the suit with its details, cuts and international differences, and this is what has been provided according to international quality standards, and at the maximum speed (12 hours) approximately".

Family and supportive environment

In all these moves, his passion was still present in the form of the (formal suit) that the father wears and mimics his imagination wherever he goes, although this dress is not accustomed to Gulf society, in general, but it fits with Bandar Hawsawi, who used to see him at his home since his childhood Until the moment, and here he said, "The field of fashion is older than political science, as I started getting attached to it and paying attention to all its stories before the university level. The formal suit caught my attention from a young age until it became my passion, especially since my father often talked about every suit, the way it was worn, and its occasion, In addition, my mother owned a sewing workshop and was fully aware of everything related to sewing and design, colors and coordination and many details related to this field, so the environment was very prepared and supportive.”

As for his family, which embraced his talent, he revealed to "Al Man" magazine that it is medium-sized (four sons: two males and two females), two sisters who are the eldest, and then Bandar and his younger brother, all of whom had a connection in the field of fashion, which made Bandar more and more concerned with having a thread. And a needle after graduating.

Dreams without a roof

Entrepreneur Bandar Hawsawi’s work was not limited to the local area only, as he participated in the “Paris Fashion Week” shows for two years in a row (2018-2019), while he launched his Saudi international brand in a special celebration in 2019, attended by many celebrities and media professionals. There are several agreements that were on the way to light and were canceled due to the Corona pandemic, in addition to an international fashion show in the country of Algeria, while he has a participation in the “Milan Fashion Week” show in September 2021.

Although the Corona pandemic hit the global and local economy in general, Hawsawi confirmed that he was in line with the current data, and launched his online store, which achieved a lot of success, pointing out that he also launched special designs of cloth masks (The Mask 2020), which achieved great success. At the local and international level.

Hawsawi asserts that he is "a very dreamy", and explains that he is working to make his brand one of the most prominent local brands, with international specifications, materials and cuts, heading for an agency for entrepreneurs in design, fashion and photography, which includes all entrepreneurs in the field.

The privacy of the Saudi taste

The entrepreneur reveals the customer’s taste in Saudi Arabia, saying, “He usually tends to European cuts because he loves distinction, especially that some employers prefer simple classic formal suits, and therefore the options are in the freedom of colors or the addition of accessories, which makes him inclined when tailoring the suit outside the scope of work to mimic His personality, we even engraved the customer's name / nickname on the suit when entering the leather element in the model, and this makes him feel that the piece was specially designed for him, and one of the most requested suits is English.”

He pointed out that dark colors (navy in all its shades, black, dark gray, and brown) are the most in demand in the Gulf region in general, but the customer's taste always remains the strongest, especially if the suit is designed for a specific occasion.

Hawsawi pointed out that his showroom provides A special session for each client, to get to know his personality, the appropriate color for him, the suitability of the suit, and the details of his texture to suit the design and all of the above.

material empowerment

He added, "I had to return to Saudi Arabia, and start the journey to search for work, to find a suitable job, and since I could not wait any longer, I thought it was better to enter into several areas to obtain experience and face life's challenges, so I worked in the Hyatt group of hotels. Regency, Adele Aviation, Bupa Arabia Insurance Company, and then I occupied a position in one of the government sector institutions, which is closest to my academic major.”

Through his work and his transfers from one sector to another, Bandar Hawsawi was able to develop many of the skills he learned during his studies, the most prominent of which were in the insurance sector. , in 2018.