Bandar Hawsawi fulfills his dream at BeyondRay’s

“The merging of Arab culture and modern international fashion” is the line that Bandar Hawsawi draws in the world of fashion and fashion show.

Bandar Hawsawi , Entrepreneur and owner of BeyondRay’s (fashion and accessories), grew up in a family interested in fashion: his mother owned a sewing workshop, and was interested in fashion and color coordination, and his father worked at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, so he explained to him the details of wearing a tuxedo and ... dress code (the dress code), which made Bandar the importance of going deeper in this field.

But fashion and his participation in fashion shows did not prevent him from pursuing his studies in political science and business administration. Thus, he combined diplomacy and fashion, kicking off 2019 with his brand BeyondRay's , which came as a move to break the stereotype of dressing.

Bandar Hawsawi, Samira Ibrahim's guest on "Hawa Al-Ayam" program.


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